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Aug 08, 2022

What I particularly like about this font is that its letters l & i have a little curve at the bottom, distinguishing them from a number 1, unlike in most fonts, and the g is a straightforward shape not an over-elaborate squiggle how it is in most fonts.
FYI, there are 2 forms of Leelawadee to download from FontZone - this one comes with the normal font & a mildly bold font. The "Leelawadee bold" is a doubly bold font.
I've found that if you download the "Leelawadee bold", that then displaces your mildly bold font with the doubly bold font - which was fine for me but not everyone'd want that - and this displacement isn't FontZone's fault but the computer's fault!


Nov 24, 2014

Nice fresh sans serif font but with a proper l instead of one that looks like an I

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