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Leelawadee Bold

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Mar 21, 2023



Aug 08, 2022

This is a very bold font, as is demonstrated/illustrated in the example you'll see on the font-page above.
What I like about Leelawdee is that its letters l and i have a little curve at the bottom, distinguishing them from a number 1, and the letter g is a straightforward shape, not over-squiggly how a g is in most fonts.
What I particularly like about Leelawadee Bold is that it's very bold!]
FYI, Leelawadee (ordinary not bold) comes with 2 versions, being normal & slightly bold. If you want to keep the slightly bold, then I'd advise NOT downloading the Leelawadee Bold, because doing so might displace the slightly bold (as it does in my Windows PC) but this isn't the fault of FontZone but is the fault of the PC.

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